12 pcs. Color Gel Filters

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12 pcs. Color Gel Filters for light effects and color correction. Cut to fit most

Flash Model. Includes a large selection of popular colors to control the light from

Your triggered. You can also use combinations of these filters. Much more variation.

The color of light. The applications are almost infinite with these gel colors, from cool

Effects that you can do for the background, to enhance the skin color in portraits, color

Correcting or matching ambient, simulating different types of light, special effects


Selection of 12 colors

Fastened with Velcro and elastic, easy to use.

Included filter holder fits most shoe-mount flash

 Colors: (you can see the picture in our store)


Magenta, red, dark orange, orange, light orange, yellow,

Purple, dark blue, blue, light blue, dark green, light green


Package includes:

1 x Set of color filters (12 pcs.)

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